Macclesfield Cancer Help Centre
About Us
  1. Carers Support

    Caring for someone who is ill can be difficult at times and carers can occasionally feel inadequate for the task.

    Sharing information and experience can often prove really valuable, so do not hesitate to come to the Centre where we hope that we can give you the opportunity to meet people in a similar situation in order to provide friendship and support for each other.

    The Centre staff will be on hand to provide a ‘cuppa’ and any other support that may be needed.

  2. Pilates

    Weekly between 2:45pm to 3:45pm

    To help develop those 'Core Muscles'

    Each week is taken as a new event so you can join at any time.

    £5 per weekly session - details here

  3. Movement to Music

    Monthly 2nd Tuesdays between 11:00am to 12:15pm

    Guided by Hilary Bichovsky

    More Details

  4. Reflective Meditation

    Last Tuesdays of the month, 11am

    Guided by Val Stoate or Pam Lob

    More Details

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